The King’s Deception

Upcoming book 3 of Hend & Yurt, a gay fantasy series with lots of romance!

Follows The King’s Gambit. Readable as a stand-alone fantasy story but much better as part of the series if you want the full effect of the Geran/Leon romance.

Fantasy. Male/Male Romance.

The King’s Deception (A Hend & Yurt Novel of Fantasy, Romance, and Mystery)

Months have passed since the Birth Feast and the naming of Thad as the Elder Mage. But the lingering intrigues of the Birth Feast have taken on a new, unsettling tone: a body’s been found in the royal wood outside Yurt’s Palace City and the verdict?


Join Leon and Geran in another adventure as they try to solve a mystery that could threaten everything Leon and Geran hold dear—when murder begs the question: who do you trust?

The King’s Deception is a lighthearted story about magic, royalty, gay romance, a marriage of convenience, mystery, adventure, and palace intrigue. And there’s sex. Lots of sex. ;)

Previous in the Hend & Yurt series: The King’s Gambit

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