My Backyard Inspiration for the Wolves’ Heat books

I’m not a good photographer and these pictures prove that, but this is my real life backyard and it’s definitely where I get my inspiration for the forest setting in the Wolves’ Heat books. Lots of oak, and brush, and very few pine, although if you go deeper into the woods, you’ll eventually run into some thick pine forest that’s almost impossible to walk through.

At the moment, the leaves are just starting to turn, but soon everything will be orange and yellow and red and brown. I’ll try to remember to take some photos then and post them.

2014-09-30 11.26.03

2014-09-30 11.28.42

2014-09-30 11.29.48

2014-09-30 11.28.20

2014-09-30 11.27.55

2014-09-30 11.26.32

2014-09-30 11.26.15

Photos © 2014 by Odessa Lynne.