Taken with Tony for August (Updated)

This year, I’m trying to update a bit more often so everyone knows where I am on the stories. :) I am not great with estimating the time it will take to finish things, but I’m feeling pretty good about my progress on Taken with Tony at the moment. This is the follow-up to Gay for Alex, and it is Tony’s story (no surprise there). :D

Updated the estimated release date to August July 2023. I’m pretty confident now that I will be releasing it soon. :)

I’ve also been working on a new Wolves’ Heat story for After the Heat, because I apparently had a lot of these stored up in my head and ready to come out when I found a way to make it happen! Originally, it was called “Claw” but then something happened and I realized “Prick” was a much better title. But that means it might come after “Claw” which will have to be a totally different story. (“Claw” is up now!) “Prick” is also a little longer than I expected, and if that continues, it could end up a standalone short story that gets published the regular way. No way to know yet, so we’ll see where it all ends up.

The next episode of Mage in Love is just about ready, too. Not long now.

I have had a crazy couple of weeks, unfortunately, and it slowed me down just as I was getting a little momentum up. Discovered wildlife in the attic of my house, and it is taking a lot of my energy to deal with that.

Panicking a little about the cost, too. My stupid roof is ridiculous and the wildlife removal specialist has a tough job ahead of him. So between the wildlife removal and the attic restoration, I’m in a mess of money stress and it is 100% affecting my ability to concentrate on writing.

So, fingers crossed this gets resolved soon, and I can keep making progress on these upcoming books and stories! :-)

And if you want to encourage me to write more/faster, consider supporting me with an annual subscription to my writing or on Patreon. Every little bit does make a difference! :-)

(Although all my books aren’t yet on Laterpress, they will be. All new books will be published immediately, as I publish elsewhere. Books go live immediately after publication, unlike elsewhere, where most are subject to review by the retailer before being made available for purchase. So subscribers always have the opportunity to get the books before everyone else!)

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