New Short Story! “Favor” In After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories

I just published a new (surprise) short story in After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories. I say surprise, because I didn’t know I was going to write this one, and it definitely surprised me when I did. :)

“Favor” revisits Salvadore, from Salvadore’s Luck, in the early days of his life with the Wolves.

Anyway, you can find it in the collection in the usual places.

Read on Laterpress | Read on Kindle Vella

Or go to the main page for the collection and see what’s in it, and where and how to get access to it: the After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories main page.

If you read the new story, I hope you like it! And if you want more, let me know. I love knowing there’s someone besides me who cares about these stories. :)