Gerald’s Lot Is Available!

The next book of the Wolves’ Heat series is here!

At the moment, the book is live on Google Play and Smashwords but I’m hoping it’ll be live on Amazon soon! (It seems to be live now.)

For the most up to date links, see the page for Gerald’s Lot.

In the meantime, here’s a little about the book.

All he wants is his freedom. But that’s not what’s on offer…

For three years, Gerald has used his connections to gather intelligence on the powerful alien species humans call “wolves”—all in an effort to do his part to return order to the world after the destruction caused by the events of the first wolves’ heat.

Now he’s been caught—and there’s only one way to earn forgiveness for his crimes and save the treaty between his people and the technologically superior wolves: Submit and let one of them claim him as a mate.

It’s a hell of a blow when all he wants is his freedom. He just has to hope the wolf who claims him will be reasonable about letting him go after heat season. Anything else and he can kiss his freedom goodbye for good.

Of course, now he’s just tempting fate…

8 thoughts on “Gerald’s Lot Is Available!

  1. Rain

    Would be interesting if you did a book were the human chose not to submit and still ended up living/mated. I wonder how that would turn out.

  2. Jennifer

    I would really love to see you do a novel, short story or even novella focusing on the female wolves. Doesn’t even have to contain sex. I’d simply love to see one. Or maybe even a female human winds up pregnant with a wolf’s pup. Hmm.

    1. Odessa Lynne Post author

      I had an idea once for a m/f story in the wolves’ heat universe, but it just didn’t work for me when I really started to think about it. I like the guys too much. ;)

      The closest I’ll probably ever come is the Reave Pack series I have going under the name Lynne Sterley. But it’s very lighthearted so not really like the wolves books at all.

      On the other hand, I know exactly how a human woman could get pregnant if it were to happen, because I’ve thought about it. It might even make it into a story one day. Of course, it’ll probably be her brother ready to kick some wolf ass that’ll get into trouble and need saving. :D

  3. Jennifer

    Thank you for continuing with this series, I reread it every couple months. Like the idea if a new “pack” in here. Hope to see it continue. Please don’t make us wait to long for the next one!!

    1. Odessa Lynne Post author

      It’s so nice to hear that you find the books re-readable! I happen to be a re-reader myself. I love reading books again when I’ve enjoyed them.

      I’m actually writing Mason’s Regret now. I tend to write on more than one book at a time so I don’t know how long it will take, but Mason just seems to want his story to be told sooner rather than later. :)

  4. Serena S.

    I loved it! I can’t wait for the next one. =) I look forward to your next releases… Hopefully soon? ;)

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