The King’s Gambit is coming January 31

Yay! I have a release date for The King’s Gambit. I hope to have the book up a day or so sooner, but I don’t have the best record for meeting deadlines early so let’s just say January 31 is the release date for The King’s Gambit. :)

A few unexpected delays put me behind this month and I have no way of knowing if there’ll be a repeat, but I’m hoping not! I’m keeping my fingers crossed and wrapping up what needs to be done to get this book into the stores.

I’m really pleased with how it came out after such a long time away from that world. The King’s Guard came out in 2012. And wow, that’s hard to believe.

This book isn’t a short novel like I expected it would be when I started it—Geran and Leon wanted so much more, so I gave it to them. ;) It was fun!

If you pick up a copy when it’s available, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.