Of Love and Zembores is coming soon!

By soon, I mean Of Love and Zembores is coming within days. It’ll be going up Tuesday in some places and the rest of the places where my books are usually available in the days that follow. Of course, I’ll post links when I have them, but give it until Tuesday before you start to wonder if I’ve missed the date. :-) Sometimes things don’t appear quickly, and with the holiday, it could be a little longer than usual. (I’m really not sure.) (Yes, it did say Monday but ah, the holidays.)

I’ll announce the release here on the site as usual as soon as it’s gone up! :-)

As soon as the Of Love and Zembores release is all done up, it’s back to work on Will’s Hope (the next Wolves’ Heat book) which is coming along nicely! At this moment in time, I am actually thinking it will be a 2018 release. No, really! I’m not kidding! I really think it will be. Will has been so awesome to write about and I am much further along on this book at this point than I expected to be earlier this year.

4 thoughts on “Of Love and Zembores is coming soon!

  1. Serena S.

    That’s awesome to hear! You think it will be around the end of December? I’ll be checking for more info. :D

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