A Hint of Things to Come

Book cover image for Of Relations and Ships (New Canton Republic, book 7) with man standing in front of otherworldly city
It’s Carlton’s little bro, Blane, who’s in for an adventure this time! :D (Carlton’s book was Of Mates and Barters, and Blane made a small appearance there.)

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s almost here! :D Of Relations and Ships is the longest New Canton Book I’ve written. But I think it’s a really fun story.

And a little something special is going to be out later this week. I’ve been thinking about writing a short story for the Wolves’ Heat series for a long while, and somehow, I’ve finally done it!

Book cover image for Devon and Kem Under the Mistletoe (a.k.a. Ian and Craig's First Fight) (A Wolves' Heat Short Story) by Odessa Lynne
Devon and Kem are celebrating the holidays! :D

Depending on whether or not there appears to be interest in these short stories, I might write a few more. I already have ideas … and titles, like Salvadore and Wolf Steal a Truck (a.k.a. Matthew and Ash Take a Ride) and Gerald and Tanis Make a Bet (a.k.a. Gerald Wins Even When He Loses). So, to be honest, I really hope there’s interest. :-)

Update! Devon and Kem Under the Mistletoe (a.k.a. Ian and Craig’s First Fight) is available now at Amazon and Google Play, and is coming soon to more ebook retailers.

4 thoughts on “A Hint of Things to Come

  1. LaurelMeow

    I’m super interested! I’d love a Wolve’s Heat short story collection, and I love the idea of introducing the big guys to (probably dysfunctional) Christmas traditions.

    Do you know the release date for Of Relations and Ships yet? Eeeeeeeee I’m so excited.

  2. Carrie

    I think the short stories are a fantastic idea! I’ve always been curious about how the characters would interact outside of mating season. I can’t wait! Do you know when you will release the first one?

    I also love the Mage in Love chapters so far, can’t wait to see how it eventually ties in with New Canton Novels.

    Super excited for Of Relations and Ships, can’t wait till that releases either!

    Hope you are doing well and have a wonderful holiday season!

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