A Fair Trade Is Available Now!

A Fair Trade is the next new R’H’ani Chronicles story and it is available now! It’s the novella follow up to No Better Offer and a chance to find out more about Neese, whom I happen to adore. :-) (I adore them all, sorry! I’ll never be objective where these guys are concerned.)

A Fair Trade cover image

A Fair Trade directly follows No Better Offer and indirectly follows Anything At All.

In the follow up to No Better Offer, Neese is trying to get comfortable in his new job inside the harem of Spencyr Ramynad. But he’s never worked in a man’s harem before, for good reason, and it has only taken him one day to realize just how much trouble he’s in.

Neese’s co-worker Stenyl infuriates him even as Stenyl’s kisses are far too tempting to ignore, and his new employer Spencyr is a little too hard to figure out—but he seems more than willing to share his new consort with Neese…

Neese just wants everybody to follow the rules—because the rules might be the only thing that can save Neese from himself…

A Fair Trade is another exciting tale in the R’H’ani Chronicles, where men love men and the rules of romance are complicated by contracts that bind!

Here are links where it’s already available, but of course, the most up to date list of links will be on the book’s main page.

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No matter how you choose to read, most of the R’H’ani Chronicles stories stand very well on their own. However, I always recommend you read them in the order of publication for the most fun! That’s even more apparent in this group of five stories that start with No Better Offer. Lots of fun stuff is finally revealed in these stories and it’ll mean so much more if you’ve read them all! :-)