Two New R’H’ani Stories Came Out Today

His to Take and His Only Weakness are finally out!

The stories are already available on Google Play and Smashwords and should be available soon at the other usual places.

I’ll update with a post announcing the releases in a day or two when I have more links to share. :) In the meantime, you can find the links I do have by following the links above. :) I try to keep the book pages updated when new links become available.

Just as an aside, I personally like these two stories the best of the series, although I can’t say if you will! But I loved writing these two stories so much and I’m already itching to revisit these guys. ;)

8 thoughts on “Two New R’H’ani Stories Came Out Today

  1. Stydia

    Yay! <3 Congrats ^^
    Also, can't wait for Of Monsters and Love :)
    Btw is there any blurb available? It would make waiting more bearable :P I'm close to exploding here.

    1. Odessa Post author

      Thank you! I’ve got several books coming soon. Of Monsters and Love is just about to come out, maybe two more weeks I think and it’ll be ready. Possibly sooner, but I am terrible with deadlines so I try not to say. Then I actually think Gay for Alex will be next, probably just a few weeks or so after the New Canton book unless something happens to delay it (I’m not expecting that but it could happen). So two books coming in June? I think so. :)

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