Salvadore’s Luck Is Being Published Today!

Yeah. I was off the mark on a March release date and then again when I thought Salvadore’s Luck would be ready in early April. I’m really sorry about that! The book ended up longer than I expected and it’s now the second longest book in the Wolves’ Heat series.

Salvadore’s story was a little more complicated than I expected when I started it, but I love how it worked out. Someone else surprised me in this book too (I won’t say who because it would be a spoiler!), but I absolutely love what it might mean for a future book in the series. ;)

I’ll be putting links up here on the site as the book goes live in the different stores, so you can check here if that’s easier. Some retailers take longer than other to make books live, so I can’t say exactly when it’ll be available everywhere, but it’ll eventually be in all the usual places. When it’s available in most places, I’ll send out the email notice to anyone who’s signed up to the email notification list.

And if you pick up a copy, I really hope you enjoy Salvadore’s story! :)