Salvadore’s Luck has a cover!

Salvadore’s Luck has a cover—finally. :) I updated the book page but here it is if you want to see it.

Salvadore's Luck (Wolves' Heat book 5)

I’m worried the cover is a little hard to read but I do like it. It looks great on my Kindle. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to look so great on amazon because it’ll be small and when it’s small the text fades into the background.

I’m thinking about having some “people” covers made for the series. What do you think? Should I go for it, or are the current covers fine the way they are? I actually don’t like the idea of putting faces to my fellas or even body types because I have very definite ideas of what they look like, and I don’t want that to interfere with what you might think they look like, but… I do love a well-shaped man on a book cover!

Anyway, I’m so glad to say the book is coming soon. I’ve had several delays that I didn’t expect, but it’s almost ready!