Official Release Date for Will’s Hope is May 13 (*Updated*)

Updated!! I had to move the release date for Will’s Hope to after the weekend instead of before, but there shouldn’t be any further delays. That makes the updated official release date Monday, May 13, 2019.

I’m sorry for the delay, but I hope the wait is worth it!

Will’s Hope is the next book in the Wolves’ Heat series. I really hope you like Will’s story as much as I do! :-)

This is my longest book ever. (So for those of you who like my longer books, this one’s for you. Everyone else, I’m sorry?) I think it’s worth it though because Will’s story is awesome if I say so myself. :D I hope you’re not expecting me to be objective about it, because I never am. I love all these guys!

13 thoughts on “Official Release Date for Will’s Hope is May 13 (*Updated*)

  1. Tiger

    Not going to lie was totally disappointed to see this – again. Will have to wait for Monday and hope there are no delays again.

    1. Odessa Lynne Post author

      Yeah, it’s that part of me that wants to give updates and release dates because people ask for them, but then there’s the part of me that knows it’s kind of a waste of time, because I can’t predict a lot of things when it comes to the releases. It’s the best I can do! Sorry!

      1. Tiger

        No problem! I’m just happy to have this series at all but I totally waited up till midnight for this book and I will keep waiting up for it to release. I even have a bet running with my friend who will is cause I think I know who it is

  2. Kay

    Gives me a whole weekend to reread the last few books – I’ve read the first four over and over again but hold off on the last half so I can reread for new releases :D

  3. Serena S.

    Any chances the book goes live today? ;P I’m so excited! I just saw the cover, it’s beautiful, I love the covers of this series.

    1. Odessa Lynne Post author

      Probably tomorrow morning/afternoon is the most likely scenario. But tomorrow! I’m really not expecting any delays. :) Also, I’m really glad you like the cover! I have a strong preference for blue. :)

  4. Ty

    Just saw the previous post that the book won’t release until morning or afternoon. I’m guessing afternoon as I’ve been waiting since midnight, finally went to bed at 1am. Checked again now, at 0730, and it isn’t out yet. At least I have something to look forward to after work. I love this series and frequently re-read. I’ve re-read Jason’s story a few times in preparation for this one. Thanks for continuing the series. Maybe we could pre-order in the future?

      1. Odessa Lynne Post author

        Whoops! I was wondering who the heck Jason was. I swear, I didn’t even think Mason when I read it, lol. That J really threw me. I’m sorry it’s not already available! I don’t think I’ve ever had a release go live before the middle of the day of my release day, so that is definitely something to keep in mind! I’m getting things organized now. I’d love to offer a pre-order, but they’ll probably never be an option for my books because I know better than to trust myself with deadlines. I can just see the kind of trouble I’d get myself into with that and it ain’t pretty. :D

  5. Ty

    The funny thing is I corrected Jason to Mason three times and it still posted with Jason! Can I find the book by searching your name? I can’t see it still.

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