Just a little update

Alright. I’ve had to readjust everything about my plans for this year but I’m still here. Really!

This upcoming week, I’ll be working on getting the things I was working on before everything came to a standstill ready to go. I’m picking up where I left off and will be publishing stuff soon and working on stuff that I had planned to work on during the first half of the year.

In other words, writing has resumed and all is well. I just need some time to get stuff done.

I really wish I could snap my fingers and it’d all be done for me but that’s not how my life works, unfortunately. :-)

I will update the site ASAP when Of Relations and Ships and Never Enough are available. Liam’s Trust is a bit delayed but coming as soon as I can finish it. Give me a few weeks and I’ll post another update about that one.

Take care of yourself, wherever you are! :-)

8 thoughts on “Just a little update

  1. LaurelMeow

    Awesome news! The world today is an exhausting place. I’m glad you took a break, but I’m also glad you’re back into providing some escapism for us all. Hope all is well with you :)

  2. Marleen

    Glad that you’re picking things back up – I’m looking forward to the new publications. I can only say that I love all your books.

  3. Serena S.

    I hope you are doing good. =) Any chances that we see a release from you before the year ends? Just asking, if it’s not possible, that’s ok, this has been a crazy year.

  4. KR

    Hope all is going well and you are having a safe and relaxing holiday. Any chance of Liam’s book this spring? Thank you!

  5. Odessa Lynne Post author

    Commenting on my own post to say that things have been not so great through the end of the year and into January. I’ll have better news eventually! I’ll post as soon as I do.

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