Brendan’s Fate paperback proof is on its way

I’m excited! Brendan’s Fate is going to be available in paperback soon. :) The size of the book meant the price had to be a little higher than my other books, and that makes me sad, but I didn’t want to the book to be a different size than the others in the series (5″ x 8″), so that means the book is 400+ pages long. Relative to my other books, Brendan’s Fate is one fat book! Wow. I really didn’t expect that.

Once I have the proof and approve it, the book will be available for anyone who wants a copy in print.

Also, the first six volumes of the R’H’ani Chronicles will have a paperback soon, as will The Queen’s Lover novelette.

I’m a collector of books. Even though I often buy ebooks, I have a huge collection of paperback and hardcover books. I love reading stories and collecting the ones I love most, so it’s always been important to me to make sure my books are in print.

I’m sorry it’s taken so long for Brendan’s Fate to arrive in paperback, but it won’t be long now. :)