Another Update! Matthew’s Chance Coming 9/23, Official Release 9/25

Update: links are here! :)

I don’t usually set official release dates because I don’t really do launches. I just put the books up and hope whoever’s interested runs across them. :)

But a few people have said they’ll be watching for Matthew’s Chance on the 23rd, so I thought I should put up clarification on the release date. Matthew’s Chance will be available at some stores on the 23rd—those stores that put books live immediately like—probably by late afternoon my time.

Matthew’s Chance should be widely available by the 25th, and that includes places that take longer to make books live like and

Honestly, I don’t expect much of a delay, but… my last book took quite a bit longer to go live at than I expected, so I thought I should make a note of this for anyone who might be waiting for the book. :)

Next time, I’ll take all this into consideration before I post a release date, I promise. :D

And have I said I love this book? ;) I love this book so much! Matthew is awesome… and now I have another favorite character.

I should just stop claiming favorites, because I love them all too much to choose. But I will say, the next fella… he’s awesome too in his own way. ;)

And that leads into the news that the next Wolves’ Heat book might actually be coming out by the end of the year! I’m very hopeful that I won’t have to make you wait as long between books this time. :)