R’H’ani Chronicles #5 is almost ready

It’s turned out to be a story I really love! And like with the last stories in the R’H’ani Chronicles, it’s a complete story that’s also the first part of two tightly connected stories. (Like the Nyk/Ralen stories and the Mareck/Garym stories.)

Arlen is a red-headed freckle-faced young man with his own reasons for being in Sa’Marckale’s harem, and he’s just lovely! I’m not going to spoil the story by naming the other characters, but you’ll see plenty of familiar names from the previous four stories and some new ones besides.

There’s also a continuing story developing that can be traced back to #2. I’m really looking forward to writing the future stories in this universe! I’ve planned for at least 10-12 but I can easily see myself writing these stories indefinitely.

I won’t change the style, though, so you can always be assured there won’t be any major cliffhangers. I like having each story stand as a complete tale. (Although I personally think they’re much better if you read them all and in order! And I make no promises that the continuing story won’t have some minor cliffhangers in there!)

Now I just need a title for this one and I’ll be set. :D