Of Mates and Barters Is Available

It’s been a while since the last book in the New Canton Republic series, but now I have a new one out. Of Mates and Barters is the fourth book set in that world. It’s available in all the usual places: Amazon.com | All Romance Ebooks | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | KoboSmashwords, with a trade paperback coming soon.

Of Mates and Barters

If you read it, I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “Of Mates and Barters Is Available

  1. Natalia

    Hi, I’d like to buy your book.
    But I only have a Paypal account (no credit card attached, my bank does not support overseas shopping, at least not with my current card type) and all the sites require me to have Paypal+card. Is there a site where I can pay just with my paypal account? :(
    By the way, greetings from Poland nice to meet you ^^

    1. Odessa Post author

      Hi! Smashwords is the only one I can think of, but I couldn’t find the answer on the site so I sent off an email to them to check! :) I’ll update this reply when I hear back from them.

      I don’t think they understood my question exactly because the answer was “Thanks for your email. I do know that you can link your bank account in addition or in place of using a credit card. I personally have my PayPal account tied to both my bank account and a credit card.”

      I’d suggest trying Smashwords. Also, you can download the book in a variety of formats. :)

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