Of Humans and Mates is Coming Soon…

The third book in the New Canton Republic Trilogy is coming this month, Of Humans and Mates. I am very excited by Of Humans and Mates and I hope you find the story as entertaining as I found writing it. The book went a bit longer than the others in the series, coming in at almost twice the length of the first book, which I find amazing.

The story centers around Kyle, best friend of Raymond from Of Mating and Monsters and shocker, Cole. Yes, I said COLE. If you’ve read Raymond’s and Dominay’s book I have a feeling you know who that is. If not, don’t worry, I make it easy for you.

I hated to leave the world of my monsters but I had alien wolves demanding my attention, and Devon (from Ian’s Choice) wanted to tell me a story. It’ll be out as Devon’s Gamble. At some point after that there will be Brendan’s Fate, which I’ll admit now, I haven’t started writing yet. But the idea is there, and that book interests me a lot because Brendan interests me.

Anyway, that’s it for my short update. I can’t wait until Of Humans and Mates is officially released. I’ll update this post with the release date as soon as I can.

Update: June 6 is the expected available for sale date for Of Humans and Mates.