New Story Available on Amazon! Mage in Love

I have an ongoing story published on Kindle Vella.

In Mage in Love, Jihu makes a bargain with crafty (but hot) Gaeru to escape death. One bad decision leads to another and, soon, Jihu has only himself to blame for the trouble that follows…

Episode 1: “You Lose” and Episode 2: “Is It Really?” are available now!

Available on Amazon Kindle Vella!

Eventually, I’ll put it all together and make a book out of it, but that will be much later. So if you’re interested, go read the first few chapters (episodes) for free on Kindle Vella. :D

I would love to see that somebody besides myself is interested in Jihu and Gaeru’s story!

And don’t worry! I promise this isn’t interfering with me getting the next New Canton Republic and Wolves’ Heat books up. :D I have a lot of stories in the works and this is just another way to get one of them out, sooner rather than later. ;D

4 thoughts on “New Story Available on Amazon! Mage in Love

    1. Odessa Lynne Post author

      I won’t bore you with a bunch of details about my writing process, but suffice to say, I have enough written in works in progress to make several whole (long) books without writing another word. I can’t write only one thing at a time. :D

      1. LaurelMeow

        Would you consider a short-medium length story collection? I’d love to see the wild worlds and characters you come up with. I’m really enjoying this story so far – I love how your books just dump you in the middle of the world and you have to pick up context and specifics from the story. Some authors over-explain their setting, and I just zone out. This method keeps us engaged and guessing. :) <3

      2. Odessa Lynne Post author

        I’m the same way! I like to have to figure things out, so that’s what I write. I always hope it works for most people, but I know some don’t really enjoy that kind of experience. :)

        Maybe someday I’ll put together a collection. But for now, I have a lot of books to write for the series I have. :D There is a short story out there under another name that I wrote, but it isn’t romance. Not yet, anyway. I actually have a novel follow-up for it that I started, but it just never took off in my head, because I have all these other books to write. If I ever write the romance follow-up, I’ll re-release it under this name.

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