Get a special discount on the first R’H’ani Chronicles collection (the first six stories!) at Smashwords

I sent out the email notification for the new story, One to Tame, today, and lo and behold, totally forgot to mention the Smashwords coupon for a discount on the collection of the first six stories!R'H'ani Chronicles Collection 1 book cover

So I’m breaking this out of my announcement post about the new story, so I can highlight it for anyone who might drop by:

If you haven’t tried the series yet, the following Smashwords coupon will get you a full 50% off the R’H’ani Chronicles Collection 1, Volumes 1–6.

Code: EQ63A

Expires on: June 30, 2019

You have to use the coupon code to get the discount.

Link: The R’H’ani Chronicles Collection 1, Volumes 1–6 at Smashwords.

If you decide to use the coupon, you’ll pay less for the entire collection of the first six stories than you’d pay for the first two stories alone buying them individually!

And if you do, thank you so much!

The coupon expires in just a couple of weeks so don’t wait too long to use it.

At half off, the collection is the best way to get the first six stories in the series, by a significant margin. :D

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