Wolves’ Heat and the Central United States Earthquake Threat

If you’ve read my Wolves’ Heat series, you know that the stories occur on Earth but in the future, and because geology is never static, I had made the decision that sometime about thirty years before Ian’s birth (Ian’s Choice), there’d been a massive earthquake in the central United States. I referred to this quake in all three books of the series. Some of the aftereffects of that quake even come into play quite dramatically in the latest book, Brendan’s Fate.

Well, this bit of news came up in my reader today and I thought about my decision and felt a little thrill at the thought that I had chosen to include that as part of the history of my world.

A debate has swirled in recent years, fueled in part by past studies suggesting that continuing New Madrid seismic activity could be the tail end of a long-lived aftershock sequence following the 1811-1812 earthquakes. If modern activity is an aftershock sequence, the argument goes, then there is no evidence that stress is currently building in the zone. Instead, Page and Hough conclude that the current level of activity must be the signature of active, ongoing processes that continue to generate stress in the region –stress that we expect will eventually be released in future large earthquakes. In other words, the New Madrid Seismic Zone is not dead.

More at: Threat of Earthquakes Occurring in Central United States Still Alive

I bolded the part that I found most fascinating. Anyway, just thought I’d share because it seemed so interesting to me!